A Watermelon Potholder

I’m using my newfound free time to explore free things to do about town. Tonight was free craft night at Etsy in Brooklyn. After wandering the streets looking for the building for a good thirty minutes, finally arrived and went up to the lab. The project of the night, to my chagrin, was a watermelon potholder. Now, call me new-fashioned, but on the rare occasion that I bake anything, I like to use my silicone potholder. It’s black and does not draw too much attention to itself. That’s the way I like my potholders. Not to mention, the watermelon potholder was no beginner crochet’ers task – it required four different kinds of stitches, plus a tricky circle piece, and ruffly edge. My friend and I stuck it out for three hours, and had many fun photos and two friendship bracelets to show for our efforts. Considering that she claims to be genetically craft-challenged, and I am way too impatient (I have given up within five minutes every time my mother has tried to teach me crocheting or knitting), the evening was a wild success.


3 thoughts on “A Watermelon Potholder

  1. A watermelon pot holder? Really?

    This would amuse my friends and I also. You could have made friendship bracelets for everyone and then forced all to wear them in a great big Etsy group picture and totally sidelined the event so that in the end no one actually remembered the watermelon potholder because really?! You are so right. Black silicone does the job. But mine are bright red and so dirty they could probably walk off on their own, but I don’t notice until right before I go to use them because it’s reflex to throw them back in the drawer and slam it shut with my hip after I drop the hot pan on the counter quickly before I burn myself, which I do a lot more than I should. So actually, maybe I do need a new watermelon potholder.

    You can send it to me.

  2. I’m so happy I can share a part of your day whenever I decide to visit your blog! So glad you’re doing this!

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