All-you-can-drink brunch is a good idea, in theory.

I went to brunch with a friend today. It was all-you-can-drink. The food took a real long time to come, and the bartender was generous with refills. A couple Bloody Mary’s and a few Screwdrivers under my belt, and my breakfast burrito was the most delicious meal of my life. The next stop was a French rooftop party at the Hotel on Rivington (preceded by a pitstop at Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery for a couple of cupcakes). Twenty floors up to the penthouse, plus two more to get to the roof, and the result was a breathtaking view of the city, but the scene was a a bit bland for our tipsy selves. It was a Rose’ type of crowd and we were sloshed vodka kind of girls. I recalled at this point that the Doughnut Plant is closeby, and of course, having just eaten breakfast, plus extra toast, plus cupcakes, this sounded like a brilliant destination. So off we went to wander the Lower East Side to find the donut factory. And find it we did. And eat three donuts we did. Preceded by a stop at Popeye’s for a biscuit.

Proceeded by nap at 7:30 pm. Hangover at 9:30 pm. And writing this at 1:30 am. My head still hurts.


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